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  • Candace Caddick

A New Era on Earth

The Earth has relaxed. This week has been calm, the quivering energy from gearing up for change is quiet and steady now. You live on a planet of light, and among the plants, animals and insects, etc. that ascended with her to the next phase of existence. They are all adjusting to the new vibration.

The Earth is a few days into a process that will take her between six and seven months to fully consolidate. She is adjusting and getting used to her new abilities and strength, and smaller changes will continue to take place until Spring 2016. You can still adjust part-way with her by spending time outside, living balanced lives and celebrating her new life. It’s your best chance to move forward with her.

For humanity, you have had many years of existence that were much the same year by year. Your higher self recognises that this has not worked for you, that it resulted in you missing your first chance at human ascension. There are changes on your horizon, all of which will try to gather you together and point you towards the light of ascension. To us, humanity now looks like many small beings of dense physicality, living on a planet where literally everything else has released this heavy energy and is lighter and  more free flowing. All looks light except people, and the other non-ascended soul group (who are far less numerous than you!) There will be changes, and those who change easily will cope the best. Don’t worry, don’t be afraid, and enjoy the ride.

I was wondering if I had done anything particular to help the Earth ascend, and they said that my work in putting the whole ascension process into my books about the planet helped to hold the energy for ascension on the physical plane. Earthly ascension is the biggest story here, and they spent four books carefully explaining all about it, and our place in the process. It was new to me when I wrote down their words, but I’m pleased I understand what is happening right now. The fourth book, Guidebook to the Future, covers these months of financial turmoil and mass movement of refugees, among other things. It’s a book they wrote to set your mind at ease and stop you worrying.

I’m enjoying the feel of the new energy, the relief of moving through lighter and higher energy is palpable. The Earth looks solid again and no longer shaky. Another change is the clarity now  of the Earth’s energy as it’s vibrational rate has risen.  

©Candace Caddick


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