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  • Candace Caddick

Angel Healing

By the Archangelic Collective

We are able to see the point in your past lives where a part of you stopped moving forward. There are many reasons why this would happen, but in the end they revolve around personal fear and agony. We look at your past lives and at your future lives, because to us they do not follow one another in a line.  We do not live in linear time but in universal time.

We know that many of you are desperate to know what is coming next for you, and in some cases you have planned for a future that does not take account of your pasts. Imagine if all your lives were a string of still pools of water and a pebble is thrown into the one is the middle, the ripples would eventually reach every pool. You would watch it and think a miracle was taking place before your eyes.  Your personal soul has many lives to learn about yourself and what it is to be human.

If during one life you are rejected or frightened in some way you have seriously altered the health of your still pool (perhaps it’s no longer clear but murky) and that changes all of your lives.  We can see this major event and we have worked out how to help you. Past life healing takes place by undoing the damage right at the moment through Reiki or whatever is necessary. First we had this channel meditate on time everyday for six months until she really understood how to let go of linear time. When we now work with her she stands next to you in your past life and helps you right then. Either she gives healing, shows you that there is love in the world, makes you turn and look at what you have been so afraid of, or whatever is necessary in your case. We tell her what she needs to do so that you are helped. You can carry fear and pain through many lifetimes and we want to help you let it go.

Releasing these blocks allows you to alter all your lives, those that are behind and ahead of you. You may think that past lives are over and done, unalterable and unchangeable. From our point of view that is not the case as without linear time they are all taking place at once. Your psychoanalysts work on healing a person’s past to change the way one feels today, and this is a far more powerful and permanent help.


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