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  • Candace Caddick

Avebury’s cosmic clock

The Spirit of spring and new life – the consciousness of spring

I can see a white woman with floating garments walking in the cool spring sunshine. She walks across the green grass at Avebury before the town was built in the centre. She tells me the following:

Avebury is a cosmic clock among other things. Every planet has its’ own “Avebury Circle”, its’ own clock. All of these clocks connect to each other, and all tell the exact same time. The time is universal time from the very beginning of the creation of this universe to the very end. It’s all pre-programmed, and the day the universe ends is the day all the clocks stop ticking. They have enough life force to go to that day and no farther.

Now think of the ticking in another way, as a heartbeat. All the planets sharing the same heartbeat; they are like individual cells in one body. And just as all your body’s cells know they are part of a whole and work together to keep you functioning, the planets know they are part of the greater planetary body. They might make up a foot, say, or the liver, of the greater universe. They know they are part of a greater whole.

The clock that ticks inside of the circle at Avebury, matching all other planetary clocks, has just sounded its alarm. This alarm was heard across the universe and told the other planets that all existence is entering a new phase. Everything you do has an affect on others, and everything this planet does effects others out to the farthest star. But here’s the thing, no one is greater than any other being. All affects all, and the size of the effect is not measured. You can only take your own actions in your life, and you are responsible for what you choose to do. Your actions affect others and alter all life as the reaction ripples away from Earth. You affect her with actions large and small, and she changes and affects others, in a chain reaction. This is why the universe watches to see what happens here, because her alarm has gone off and your new day is about to begin.


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