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  • Candace Caddick

Azrael’s Bell

I am the Archangel Azrael, known to you as the Archangel of Death. I have a bell which rings at crucial, life-changing moments; those times call forth the sound of my deep bell. Some of you have heard it but not known what it was. There are few bells with the power to be heard the way mine is.

My bell is a marker of beginnings and ends, and it rang three times on Tuesday morning (April 24th). The events of the last week have been pivotal for the Earth and for the lives on her. On Tuesday morning healing was directed towards to all beings, human and non-human who suffer from mental illness of one sort or another. If you consider this carefully you will realise that your very lives make it difficult for you to stay mentally and emotionally healthy. Somewhere between 98 and 99% of you could use a little healing somewhere. The angels answered the request for healing, and my bell tolled. You have entered a new era of well-being, to match the healthy new Earth that is already here, flickering in and out of view.

I am called the Angel of Death only by humanity, and you are the only species to not fully understand death. Death is the other side of life, and their relationship to each other is as close as the heads and tails on a coin. The coin is life, your physical life (heads) is active in a body and your death (tails) is a continuation of your soul. On your planet you talk about death as something to be feared, but it is not a void or an ending, it is existence in another form. No one ever needs to fear death, and you do not need to fear for your loved ones when they die. You will miss them, but you need not fear for them. The bell tolls for a time of renewal, of health, of a lessening of fear and sadness. It marks the beginning of a countdown or a timer being set from a day when people were healed and ready to move forward.

With blessings I leave you now, Azrael


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