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  • Candace Caddick

Bee Visions

Bee Consciousness

On the Reiki retreat my friend Gwen and I organised in June there was an interesting woman who kept bees, among other talents. If I was sharing Reiki in a group of three withthis lady there were a few “bee visions” while the treatments were taking place. Now the bees have reminded me they have something to say. (One of the nice things about having a blog is that you can have “guest bloggers” and give them a platform for their messages.)

“For the highest good of all”; it’s the magic phrase that connects each particle of your being with each molecule of the universe. This channel has learned to align herself with this saying, and that allows us to join with her to type our words.

We bees are an ancient and complex organism; we are one soul in many bodies, and one life in many hives. If you think of your own bodies and how each tiny cell is you, but separate from the cell next to it, and all together making up your body then you get a feeling for how we are one, yet individuals. All cells play a role in the health and life of your bodies. With us we are small bees, hives, and one overarching soul fit into the numerous members of the bee family. Our group communication is as quick as a thought, and that thought is read by all. This is the advantage of the hive as the first layer for our physical selves to listen to, for we can only find the pollen within flying distance of our homes. But no life is put here on earth simply to eat and die.

We have spent millennia living our bee lives in close contact with plants either by flying past them or collecting pollen. What do you know of these plants? The plants in the wild are close to ascension themselves, small and wise and flirty. They are masters (and mistresses) of enticement, and they’re fast learners, far faster than your evolutionary theories allow. They draw us to themselves and laugh and dance in the breezes, while we hang on for the ride. Now many of these are singing a different song, a song of ending and leaving this planet with their lessons learned and ascension achieved. We will be losing our partners in life. When they leave they will make space for something new to come and replace them on this planet. This is how this planet has provided for life from its inception.

Our role, our learning, our ascension goes hand in hand with the flowers that are our other halves. We will leave when they leave.

Some of you will wonder why we will leave when you need us to fertilise your crops, while there is still food on Earth for bees. It’s not about you or your crops. It’s about our own soul’s journey into ascension.”

Would you trust beings of light to know what is best for themselves and for the highest good? The day may come when they are gone and we take over the crop pollination ourselves.


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