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  • Candace Caddick

Bluebell Woods

By The Green Man

Greetings! I am one of the elementals known as a Green Man. We are woodland beings, and this is our favourite time of year when the trees come into leaf and the bluebells spring up in the sunshine. We value the quiet and restfulness of the winter months, but the life force of spring and its rapid growth is electrifying for us to experience. The richness of summer follows where every leaf is in its prime and fully grown, then the beauty and colours of autumn when the fruit and nuts have completed their slow growth.

This week the bluebells are reaching their peak of beauty in England. They have been spreading rapidly in the last few years as people are beginning to protect their habitat. As elementals we wait for them to burst out of the ground in spring and submerge ourselves in the scent and blueness, and many of us travel long distances to do so. Why?

Bluebells bring to you something no domestic flower ever will, they draw you away from your homes to the woodlands to marvel at their beauty. In many places the ground is densely blue as far as the eye can see. There are very few places where you can experience any flower with such intensity. All flowers vibrate, and bluebells have the effect of cleansing you and lifting your consciousness ever higher. They are increasing in numbers to coincide with the need for humanity to rise up to keep pace with the planet’s vibration. Even if you never visit the bluebells woods they change the entire planet once a year when they flower. Nothing takes place in isolation.

Elementals visit the bluebells woods as tourists for the sheer beauty of the spectacle, just as you may enjoy a visit to an art gallery or a ballet. They balance us, and after a colourless winter we enjoy first the yellow of the daffodils and then the blueness of the bluebells. Afterwards there are more and more colours everywhere for us to absorb before we are saturated with their vibrations. We know this is happening to us, but it is also the same for you. Sometimes you will only need one afternoon to absorb all you need from any type of flower.

Early this winter we planted special bluebells, held back until the Earth had renewed itself. These are flowering right now, and they will help you adjust to the changes in the planet. Bluebells trumpet the beginning of new life on the planet through their tiny flowers shaped like horns. By absorbing their wildness outside in the woods you leave behind some of your winter staleness. (see:,, )  Bluebells help you with their sweet wild natures, their colour and the purity of their setting. The woods have been cleansed of winter.

I love bluebells.

©Candace Caddick


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