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  • Candace Caddick

Christmas light

Archangelic collective

It’s so joyous, this time of year. We watch you as you think of others, buy presents for family and friends and celebrate the birth of one of the greatest beings in the universe born right here on your planet. Jesus was love, and you remember him and focus on it at this time of year. Love makes it stand out and be cherished by all of you in the Christian religion. Those who are not Christian also have their own times of celebration and love.

We look for you to remember that you are all one human soul, and any time some of you remember that you are one, even if it is not all of you, you increase little connection webs to help draw you back together. There are different ways to do this, and we’ll only speak about this one today. Your generosity at Christmas means that most of you are giving and receiving presents at the same time, in joy. This loving act changes the energy for that one day. Don’t you wish every day could be Christmas? You are responding to the change from daily life to one of love and joy. It is the most wonderful day of your year as love draws you closer together. Your thoughts for days have been to give something to others that would bring smiles to their faces; loving thoughts to make others happy. It’s a step in the right direction; not all present-giving is just negative commercialism!

To make every day Christmas Day you only have to continue to live with this thoughtfulness for others, with love and joy in your hearts, and generosity. You all respond to this holiday’s energy, as it takes you a step closer to each other. To us you seem so lonely and you need not be so.

Love and light!


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