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Different Paths to the Same End

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

By the Archangel Collective.

You may feel worried, or you may feel confident in the direction humanity has chosen to follow in 2016. In the US people wanted to be heard and felt that Donald Trump was listening, he had their support. There were many without a vote who live in other countries that consider the US President to be the leader of the free world. They would have liked to vote in an election that affects everyone and are worried about his Presidency. Fear is in the air in many parts of the world.

The US was on a trajectory under previous presidents that had stagnated. There was some good on the surface but there was black underneath, a cesspit of special interests and individuals who held power in their own departments. The citizens knew this, they knew it was no longer working as it was set up by the founding fathers. A 90 degree corner has been turned by this election, a choice for chaos and upheaval, throwing the government into the air and breaking it into pieces. Will this actually happen? It certainly could, and at the point of reassembling the nation out of chaos what direction will be taken? This is the point of danger where the new US emerges from the wreckage, and this is where lightworkers could begin to send their healing light from today. To the future United States, so that when that day arrives the light will be there waiting to bless and heal.

Would you have created a new US without Donald Trump? Yes, but people are taking the fastest path to that point, and it is the riskiest pathway. Where are the people like the founding fathers who stepped in and created for the generations ahead? You need to take seriously this new pathway, and step up to get the government you deserve. If you are apathetic now the government you receive will walk all over you. This applies to every country on the planet today.

©Candace Caddick

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