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  • Candace Caddick

Dissolving Time Part One

First Elohim

The previous blog mentioned that Earth time is linear and it would disappear as the Earth rejoined Universal time. This could perhaps take generations to occur in a uniform manner around the globe. What you will experience is not the end of your calendar, but an individual’s perception of time. Some will see an event dragging out before them endlessly; others will find it speeds by. This sounds like a description of boredom to most of you, but that’s not what we mean.

In the timeless universe everything happens at once except on planets. Time as a dimension was introduced to help souls measure their progress and keep their doings separated from each other. In space we watch, but we are not busy with activities as you are on planets. We do not take action, and time is not necessary for us; it could actually get in our way. When everything happens at once, we can be everywhere at once. We do not “travel”, we exist. Each planet constructs a time dimension to contain the game in progress. They can be at any speed, and all of them are faster than yours. You look like you are moving in very slow motion.

What is the relationship of boredom and time but perception? Two people at the same event could perceive the time passing either quickly or slowly. What we are looking at arriving now on Earth is an even wilder perception of time as the change to Universal time takes place. The Earth is readying herself to rejoin the rest of the universe, and that is also your natural home and you will go with her. Your days are 24 hours long, and there will be more cases of “how did you arrive in two hours when it took me four?!” Time can stretch and time can shrink. In the past if you wanted time to stretch it was possible for some (and is an Elohim specialty), but managing time is going to be even easier and stretchier than ever before. The more you are able to see time as flexible, the more you can control it.


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