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  • Candace Caddick

Dissolving Time Part Two

By the First Elohim

Controlling time is through using your intentions and your ability to create. Time is flexible, and it is one more item in your everyday life you can influence. Because Earth time only exists here you only need to remember there is more than one way of telling time. If you look at time as timeless that is also true, and by believing that you can tap into timelessness as well as the rigid tick-tick-tick of your Earth time you have a spectrum that runs from timeless to everyday. You can be anywhere you like on that spectrum as both exist at once even though they sound like opposites. Pick the way you want time to pass and allow it to be flexible, it will be easier and easier the more you practice.

In the past this would have been very difficult for you, but as the Earth opens up this spring to the universe you will be exposed to timelessness. Some people will scoff and do nothing with this information. The rest of you have the opportunity to play around with time, stretching and shrinking it with the goal of having time pass in the way that is exactly right for you at that moment. Life is not meant to be hard, but a series of happy events. If you can shorten long waits, or speed up slow journeys you will begin to have a feel for serendipity. Life is meant to teach you about yourself, and the way you fit with everything else. Time is one small example of the way you can happily link into every aspect of your life. At the moment you refer to some people as “lucky”, but we can see they accept life as being happy.

We see rigid timekeeping as stressful and unnecessary in many ways. If you could help yourselves with time you could relax and become happier. You put time and timekeeping as the master instead of just part of your life. There is far too much emphasis on something that is an illusion, and that controls you instead of you controlling it. You don’t have to disregard train timetables, but your journey to the station can be altered.

Think of the Elohim, and ask us for help. You can try asking for time to stretch when you are late and trust us to help you. See what happens and keep practicing time shifting. We can alter Earth time for you because we exist here on Earth and out in the Universe at the same time. We are a collective and our relationship to each other is very close, we are separate and one at the same time. Playing with time is not impossible; you are just not used to doing it. Trust us; this is one of the big changes that can work well for you. Time is artificial, timelessness is real. Meditating on time/timelessness would be helpful.

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