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  • Candace Caddick

Earth Changes her Rhythm Part 2

By the Galactic Collective of Planets

UGC 1810 picture courtesy of NASA and Hubble

We are newcomers to these articles, we wish to speak about planets and the way they evolve.

Planets have life plans, as do other souls or beings. We began our existence in this universe with the intention to build on experiences gained in earlier incarnations of previous universes. In those earlier universes we also existed to host other species and give them somewhere to live, thereby learning from them while they learn, all learning together. Every being is different, every lesson is unique.

It is good to remember that the universe does not run on Earth time or light years. It is timeless, as beings we do not pay attention to time. Whatever happens is just what is happening now, and that means everything is taking place at the perfect moment, fully in the present.

Earth is a good example of what is happening now changing to what is happening next, the new “now”. She has been holding a vibration to assist the soul groups on her surface to progress. It is a specific vibration in the form of a rhythm. On a drum it would sound like this: (drum roll) rat……….tat a tat a tat, repeated over and over again.  Beings on Earth are subconsciously aware of this rhythm as the background to every waking and sleeping moment. This rhythm is part of yourself and you all share it.

Earth’s rhythm is changing to help the life forms on her surface progress and grow in understanding. Next time the rhythm will be a lively dance rhythm. What do you normally expect when you hear an irresistible dance beat? People start dancing and enjoying themselves. It’s time to start enjoying life with the vibration of joy coming up from the Earth and raining down from the heavens. Whatever you were doing in the past it’s time to start dancing now.

©Candace Caddick

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