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  • Candace Caddick

Egyptian History

Akhenaten, Pharaoh of the Sun

I was the Pharaoh of the Sun in ancient Egypt, and I strove to enlighten my fellow Egyptians to what I believed was the reality of life in this universe. I eventually died, came back and died again. The sun was not to be worshipped as God, anymore than any small part of the universe was to be worshipped. Worshipping the Sun was a little like honouring His finger nail, and God is so much more.

My time is in the distant past and seems irrelevant to the current deaths in Egypt. But that idea is artificial, and is a way people have of looking at time in a straight line that draws your attention forward in a series of linear events. Earth time has been exclusive and has kept you isolated for eons, but now that the Earth wishes to rejoin the Universe she has discarded linear time. You have not.

Take all the species of life on this planet and think about what you know of pets, for example. Do you think they live in linear time? Do you think they plan what they are doing tomorrow? Humans do that. Linear time has kept you safe and given structure to your lives. It has been dissolved and some of you are living in a wider and more connected world than you are used to. All of us who lived in Egypt still live there but have been divided by the dimension of time. That dimension is gone and remains in place only because you have not learned to let it go.

The current rebalancing in Egypt has come about, once again, from the people of Egypt. They are more than the few people walking there now that you see on TV. We are all there, and Egypt has been a crossroads, a breadbasket and a centre of learning for millennia. You have yet to discover how we built the pyramids, or why. All of us are there, and we are a particularly wise and experienced civilisation. We have already experienced many forms of government and lived through many successes and mistakes. We can see when we are being put upon and want change, and we are supported by out long history and many experiences. Of course Egyptians would be one of the first to fight for themselves.

©Candace Caddick

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