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  • Candace Caddick

Energy to Reset Your Life

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

By the Archangel Uriel

I was prompted by my guides to visit Avebury on Tuesday to watch the Earth’s energy change. It began around 3 -4 a.m. and finished later in the day. Avebury is one of the places where this change is easy to see, there are around half a dozen similar locations globally. What my friends and I observed was a change in rhythm, colour and texture. The energy that was predominating, left-over from the previous cycle, was a solid orange. We watched as this energy was drained away down vortexes into the Earth while new, lighter colours flowed in up the Processional Way. The layers of energy were bubbles, each floating in higher up. The heavy orange became tangerine, shrunk to take a balanced position in a rainbow of colours. The layers were similar to a rainbow with turquoise, pink and white predominating.

We were aware that the orange was related to an overwhelming imbalance in sexual energy, over forty percent of the outgoing energy was heavy and orange. The new tangerine energy was balanced with all the other colours, with no one energy  carried greater weight than another.  

The turquoise energy was something that we humans had been taking into ourselves previously, and now we needed to take it in and broadcast it out through our hearts. We were aware that our hearts needed to be open to do this, and they were!

The stone circle itself varied with shades of orange, then turquoise, then balanced before we left. We also felt we were balanced without effort. Walking in balanced energy made it easy for us. Bubbles are soft without rigid edges, an altered support for us living here.

The Earth broadcasts her messages through Avebury to her family of planets and that was a huge change to see. Her steady rhythm was finished and she began a new song. When we have a song we might have verses and a repeating refrain. All the time I was there I saw no repetition, only random and playful bursts continually rising out of the Earth.

Before Tuesday I was aware of living in a maelstrom of energy, and now it is completely still like the eye of a storm. Still is a relief to the senses but it won’t last forever. Look to see everything speed up again next year. My guides said enjoy this summer, next year’s looks rockier.


Archangel Uriel, Archangel of the Earth

We are having a little celebration here in the higher dimensions. In the past Earth has been held back in her journeying and we had some doubts whether she would choose to do this upgrade now. She needs this breathing space, she needs to be who she is.  Expressing herself rhythmically is joyful to her, everybody needs joy – even planets.

With this change she has taken her last step into her end game.  That’s good news for everyone here and in the universe. We support her in this, it means health and balance. If you are able to live in a flexible, non-rhythmic manner you will thrive right along with her. For example you allow your opinions to change, you release old thoughts and habits, you start living flexibly and allow good things to be brought to you.

Look at your life and what you have scheduled will be supported by you to happen. Those plans are floating on top, but underneath where you really exist you can make any plan with this new energy . You can choose what will make you happy in as random a way as the energy of the Earth. There is no need to take anything from your past forward in life unless it helps you live the life you want.

The Earth resetting her energy supports you into resetting your own. Enjoy the freedom of action.

©Candace Caddick


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