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  • Candace Caddick

Extreme Weather

Archangel Uriel, Archangel of the Earth

You have probably noticed that some countries are experiencing extreme weather conditions, and tiny earth movements. These two things are not the same. We want to talk about heavy rain, high winds, and drought.

Heavy rain is a direct consequence of higher atmospheric levels of CO2 altering the balance between what is above, and what is below. Your air composition has changed; that has changed the oceans and the land (which is slower to change being more solid) is caught in between. You tend to notice what affects you personally, so if it only rained really hard over the oceans you would disregard it. The connection between the air and the ocean is fluid and active, with a constant exchange between them. CO2 is absorbed by the water, and water draws up into the sky. We see it as one large water-bearing body with more air at the top, and more water at the bottom. The air and sky are the watery part of your planet and the air part is above the land. You live on one of the water planets.

We wrote about the desertification of your vast oceans in Planet Earth Today, and you are altering the base of your water system. As the oceans absorb ever more CO2 and the coral reefs die and the dependant life dies in the oceans it results in stagnation. The vast shoals of fish that have been eaten used to stir the water adding energy to the base layer of water. The more energy, the more lively the environment and your planet was designed to have an energetic ocean with a wispier air layer. The air allowed the ocean to discharge some energy, but the ocean was energetically balanced. When you have a well-stirred pot in the kitchen there are no lumps or unstirred areas, and it doesn’t burn. The ocean was like that.

The air used to siphon up water to drop it on the land to water the green plants. There was balance, the bottom was stirred, and the top was calmer. The heavy-weight part of the system is no longer moving the way it was designed and like a spinning top that is wobbling the air is no longer acting as it used to. This is what the Earth looks like when stripped of the ability to balance herself.

The most useful place to direct your efforts at stabilising your weather are the oceans, and restoring the oceans to life. At an estimate I would say they are now eighty percent dead compared to their former selves. The steps to take involve hugely reducing fishing, carbon emissions, and sewage disposal. A complete about-turn on these practices will make a start, and trust the intelligence of those who are native to the oceans to look after it themselves.


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