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  • Candace Caddick

Follow up from 11.11.11

Archangel of Light

Some of you experienced God on 11.11.11, and some of you didn’t. God was present in the opening in the centre of the universe where he peeked in and looked at all of you, all of life, all of Creation. Some of you remembered how much you are loved, and that your ability to feel and remember Divine love is hampered and limited by your human bodies. That is part of the parameters of your existence here.

Love is the great current of flow in all universes, and where fears hold you back you experience very little movement. Frozen in your tracks like a rabbit in a car’s headlight you wait for that which you are afraid of to smack into you. As light is about movement and flow, darkness is about fear and stagnation, and it’s time to release your fears and enter the river of light. When that happens you will find things begin to happen quickly for you, with each event moving you forward and edging you into the flow of life. When I see someone in the flow I see a happy person bobbing from day to day without fear or worry as all they need floats within reach. They put out their hands and take hold of everything that comes to them. Only the items that are useful and beneficial come into their grasp, the hurtful ones are in someone else’s river. Life was meant to be this way.

What are you afraid of? If you are a healer of some description, can you run the healing energy through for yourself while you sit and think about “what am I afraid of?” “I’m afraid that if I ____, something bad will happen to me.” What it is holding you frozen like the frightened rabbit? Now I, the angel of light, offer a gift to those of you who sit down to do this and ask me for help: I will help. Stay out of your heads, focus on your hearts and ask for help getting to the bottom of your fears, and how you can let them go. This is not time to reason it all out, but to feel it out. I can help you see where these fears came from, and how they are grounded in falsehood. You can stop carrying them and let them drop off. Fear is the most limiting.

Ask me, I promise you my help.


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