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  • Candace Caddick

From the Old Earth to the New

Michael, Archangel of the Earth

The Earth is travelling away from her old incarnation. She will leave behind the old, discarded energy of what she once was, and will go forward with only the new energy she has created for herself. Between Dec. 2012 and now there has been two energetic Earths, one overlaying the other. One can look out a window and see two trees flickering in and out of sight, or a building with a double outline. The double outline is very noticeable now, as the new is rising away from the old.

Once she is clear of the old Earth, she will power away steadily into her future. Those of you who chose to ride her will find that everything will go smoothly forward: all your own plans, the seasons, the trade winds, the ocean waves. Make one hand into a fist, and put your second hand on top of it, squeezing tightly. Now drag the top hand away. At first it moves slowly until the point comes when it releases and moves away quickly; that is what the two Earths are doing right now. The movement and energy are all with the new, and the old one stops and retires with its job complete.

If you are on the old Earth by choice your life will continue without the gift of a living planet under your feet. If you are on the new Earth you will live on a young and vibrant planet. Because you are all guests of Earth, and she is not a vicious planet, all will live their lives to the end in close proximity to each other, but their experience of life will begin to diverge. The old Earth residents will be powerless, unless you give them your power – and why would you do that?

One of the final steps to power up the Earth’s ascent will be to reactivate Avebury stone circle. The new power lines are in place that connect it to other pieces of its “machinery”. It is designed to spin like a flywheel and throw energy down these lines. The boost from this activation will provide the final push. Once that is complete the energy will flow through a young planet without hindrance and the old planet will drop away. The separation occurs sometime near the spring equinox.

I have sorted the details, I just need humans on the ground to do the work.


I am running an Avebury workshop on the 7th March to spin the stone circle and be Michael’s ‘humans on the ground to do the work’. People will need to have been on one of my previous Avebury workshops and been attuned by the stones before being able to play a part. If you would like to attend on the 7th, but have not already done a workshop, I am doing two more beforehand on the 31st Jan or 28th Feb. Places are available, please see my calendar page at and contact me at


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