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  • Candace Caddick

From the trees point of view

Tree consciousness

Hooray! The trees have something to say again.

“Those of you who walk among us may have heard our singing this summer as we share our joy with the rest of the living world. We have waited and waited for these days, the heady days of preparation that come before the unifying of all life and souls, and the final ascension of Earth. It’s as if the previous millennia have just existed, colourless and flat, compared to what is happening now. We just call this the “the beginning days, or the preparation days”, as it all begins now. So what does that mean?

All of you who have chosen to be here; each has a role, you are each a piece of a great puzzle (3-D or 12-D depending on your perspective). And by you I mean all of life: animal, mineral, vegetable. Take one small house cat, that cat has her own role to play and has been doing her bit for everyone else every day of her life. Treasure your pets and plants, as all life matters (particularly insects!) When you look at people you abhor, who murder others and destroy whole villages and countries; they are playing their preconceived roles. Without these pieces the whole puzzle can not be completed. It’s how you react to other people and beings (like wasps) that is important. It’s equally important to the original action itself. Action and reaction; both carry the same weight. In England you can say “Terrible rioters, how could they behave like that!” and separate them out from yourself and place the weight of blame on them. You show your own limitations and inability to see that you are all one soul, as we trees are all one soul. At such times you decline to accept your own burden of weight, but the burden doesn’t go away. Other people’s actions and your reactions teach you about yourself.

We are pointing this out now so you will lessen your vibrations of hate and fear. Can you look at these you hate and see yourself in their eyes? Can you draw back your distaste and neutralise your feelings and stop projecting the vibration of hatred? We finally get to the front of the queue for the channel’s time and we end up talking about you people and your feelings. We do it because we can see and feel all that you project, we can see the results of the negative energy you surround yourselves in.

There exists the natural world, and those who visit the empty wild places have their souls restored for a time. Part of this is the sheer happiness we feel, and part of it is that you have come away from the dark, sludgy energy people overwhelmingly project. How about projecting less of it and living in a lighter, brighter environment? Now’s the time for this kind of change to take place.

You are at the beginning of the vast changes that will happen here, your world and societies will be turned upside down and inside out. The only thing you can count on is continual, relentless change. Your most pleasant route through all of this is to let go and flow with the energy. We may look like beings that change very little, but we transform yearly as we go through the seasons. It would be futile to try to hang onto our leaves at leaf-drop time. Remember this as these days get into full swing.”

Authors note: I didn’t know there was a queue!

Every time I speak to another form of consciousness I get the picture of me sitting in the front seat at the top of an enormous roller coaster while they say “hold on tight.” Today it looks like we’ve moved downhill a couple of inches.


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