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  • Candace Caddick

Grounding on the New Earth

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

By Archangel Michael.

Humans have been grounding themselves during meditations and energy work by sending down a long anchor deep into the Earth. We angels do not teach this method ourselves, as it tends to be done without asking the Earth’s permission. It is also unnecessary.

The Earth herself grounds life upon her surface. It is easiest to see in farm animals, where the energy of the Earth rises up four legs and blends with the animal’s energy. The animal is held onto the ground by the Earth like a magnet. Lambs leap and run, but always with the energy of the Earth cupped around each one to catch them if they fall. Humans have neglected this part of their relationship with the Earth and most often have no Earth energy rising through their bodies. When people remember their relationship with the Earth, the way they live with her is changed.

We want you to practice being present in your lives, from being aware of where you are and who are with, to paying full attention to your actions. Usually, to ground yourself, all you need to do is return to full consciousness in your daily life. You can also deliberately ask to have the energy of the Earth rise up through your legs and fill your body with energy.  If you work with the Earth, being filled with the Earth’s energy will make it easier, and you will be genuinely grounded and “magnetised” by the planet.

Grounding is important in channelling, meditation and energy work. You are here on this planet right now, and your work is at its most effective when you are 100% grounded. It can be tempting to float away and have dreamy out-of-body experiences, except this lifetime is your highly prized opportunity to work within a physical body, and you work best when grounded. At that point you connect what is above to what is below, and the Earth will support you as you reach to the stars.

©Candace Caddick


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