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Guinevere’s Fountain

Candace and Guinevere

A while ago I was meditating when Queen Guinevere appeared and took me to her fountain, where she then invited me to bathe in the water. This was not only cleansing of negativity and the type of yuck that can get stuck in energy fields, but energizing. I was told I could go back anytime, and then hardly ever revisited her fountain.

Last week I had such a head cold, and headache with it until I remembered washing my hair in her fountain and off I went with Guinevere again.  Lying in bed I could feel the energy rising and lifting the headache away, while my hair felt like it was rising and curling away from my head with the healing energy. I wondered what I looked like before and after, and the before hair was like dead straw, and the after was my nice hair again.

I wrote quite a lot about Guinevere in the section about Arthur in The Downfall of Atlantis. She was the original fairy incarnated as a human, and along with Arthur established a new important bloodline. Sometimes I spot some of her descendants, and get to meet them. They share with her a love of the green and natural world and are here now to champion the cause of the Earth.

A Word From Guinevere

My fountain is a fountain of energy, and it looks like natural rock forming a basin for rushing water. This is my promise, that anyone who asks me to go I will take to my fountain to clean you of the static of everyday life, and clouds that impede your clear vision of the real world. People are struggling to find clear sight of today’s events and the world around them. They want to make the right choices in their lives that will lead them to contentment. They know there are decisions being made by others that jar with their sense of rightness, but they feel like they are peering through a shifting fog when trying to make sense of what is going on. There is A LOT  of deception around at the moment, and clear sight will help you not to be confused.

My fountain simply cleans your body and energy fields, and the mere fact that you ask me means you would benefit from visiting there.  There are no further rituals or prayers, just the respect due to me as  you would respect any other being.

Fairies are tied to the type of plants they groom. We do not make the plants grow or flower but we live in them and freshen them up, do a bit of housekeeping as it were.  We are considered magical, but we work with the Earth instead of being oblivious to her and that allows us to tap into her power. We are not particularly powerful, but the Earth is so powerful that she can do anything (natural).  When any being can tap into that power they will appear magical to you. Merlin is a good example of a human who understands the Earth and Earth power. Merlin learned all he knows from a wide number of beings, he is the greatest wizard who studied in the Atlantean style of wizardry.

©Candace Caddick

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