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  • Candace Caddick

Healing with candle flames

Archangel of Light

“I have noticed that Candace has been using candle flames lately while meditating to heal her strands of DNA, and I have to confess that we angels can sometimes forget about your physical human bodies. She is right, you can heal yourselves with candle flames; you can do many different things with candle flames in everyday life. I am prompted to write about some of these today.

First, I am talking here about candle flames, not flames from a bonfire or hearth fire; just candle flames because they are the size for beginners. Candace decided to burn off “the crust of age” after hearing a younger person point out they felt they were accumulating a crust of age travelling in and out of London. By lifting a flame from a candle in the higher dimensions and putting it in your heart you can send it cleansing and burning through your body. It will split into many small flames and bring light to anywhere that needs it. Flames are twelve-dimensional; you leave the lower three-dimensional flame untouched where you see it burning. Once you have a flame burning in your heart you have light in your heart. That’s the best place for light to be. (I found the flames seem to burn the most in my brain, connecting aging with how I think.)

A flame can be lifted out of your heart and put into the centre of the room. Direct it to rise up to the ceiling and split into twelve, and bring the twelve flames evenly down the walls to make an enclosure. You have provided yourself a room of light, pure and friendly, with the divine energy of love.  You will have changed the atmosphere and qualities of energy in that room. Healers may notice the changes first. (I have done this and felt a cold room warm up as the fires burned around the edges. It’s quite useful at times.)

Sometimes you may feel the need to clean and clear a room, particularly after using a computer. You can ask candle flames to clean and the flames will (in the higher dimensions) run up and down the walls and burn away anything that is unlike love. Some of your computer rooms and houses are in VERY GREAT need of this cleansing. Sometimes you can shift your gaze and see the blackness inside the buildings that you are in, all other life on this planet wonders how you can live inside these rooms.

Practice with these three and be ready to learn more another day.”

I want to be able to point at a candle with my finger and light it. I’ll let you know if it ever happens.


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