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  • Candace Caddick

How cloning led to the destruction of Atlantis

Archangelic Collective

Two years ago we started a book The Downfall of Atlantis with this channel to discuss the impact of science on the advanced civilisations of Atlantis. We wrote about the horrors of cloning and how it degraded the human souls that performed the cloning operations, as well as the souls of those who chose to be cloned. This one strand of science was all it took to tip the balance of good/bad society into bad; bad for everyone, cloned or not. If you do not understand how cloning affects the soul of the animal or human that is cloned, you have no business playing with souls.

Those days ended in the most dramatic way possible, with great damage done to all life on this planet and the planet itself. A continent can not be removed without changing everything else, the shock of the removal was immense and the after effects are with you today. It was shocking, the planet was in shock, and all life was in shock, stunned by what had happened even if they lived on the far side of the globe. This changed the underlying temper of the game of life here, when the planet changed in such a dramatic and painful way, it affected everyone.

Cloning led to the destruction of Atlantis. Without cloning things would never have become so bad; your human soul would have made some progress instead of stagnating in nothingness. You became less than human and your actions were inhumane. Do you really want to start down this path again?

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