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  • Candace Caddick

Lucifer, the Archangel of Light

I am Lucifer the angel of Light, not the fallen angel of mythology or ruler of a realm of darkness. I rule no one, no angel does. We are holders of flavours of energy, or a shade of a colour. There are so many of us and none are exactly the same. We’re all a little different, like the colours of paint on a paint chart, shade after shade after shade. My own particular colour is searing, bright white as befits the Archangel of Light.

How did it come about that I am cast as the ruler of hell? Trickery and deceit occurred to point at me and say “There’s the one you must fear! There’s the troublemaker! Be afraid and run!” You cannot see me, and if you could you would never have fallen for the lies. White is black and black is – hidden. The attention of the blind humans was successfully diverted to me, and the angels of darkness went about their business in the shadows.

Enough history, this is about reality and judging for yourselves what is truth and what is light. The light does not express itself in a lie, which is the role of the dark side. You are lied to continually by your governments, by news givers, by all those you feel you must trust in your societies. They step up to the microphones and lie to you, and will continue to do so as long as you allow it. You are born with inbuilt filters that can tell truth from lies, and right from wrong; but few of you seem to be using them. Americans may refer to them as “bullshit detectors”, and you need to decide to be truth detectors and then act on the truth. Hans Christian Anderson wrote about “The Emperor’s New Clothes”, and the citizens laughed at the emperor until he was ashamed. We like Hans, he makes us laugh and we relish joy and laughter. But he was a story teller and told you an easy way to behave in the face of ridiculous lies; to join together and all act at once. This isn’t about rioting, this is about refuting lies.

Human beings are wonderful, creative and joyous, but you are a slave race.  You don’t need anyone to rescue you; you are capable and fully-equipped to rescue yourselves. This is one of your own challenges, are you ready to take it up?


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