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  • Candace Caddick

More on the new beginning

Last week was so beautiful that instead of writing about the Earth I was just outside all day long. Back to work.


Pan is the quintessential elemental, it’s like a little bit of every type of elemental is present inside him. He can speak for them all; he is the spokesperson, not a ruler of any kind. Why would they need rulers?

All of you, even Candace, are watching and waiting to see what is going to happen now that our Earth mother is awake. We remember what it was like before she took her long nap, back in the dawn of time for you. When she was awake she was singing her own song and weaving her own story. Things didn’t happen to her: she made them happen.

She originally took her position here in your solar system to provide a home for a number of species who could live in the benign environment she created. You, and we elementals, have had it easy it seems, living on a beautiful, temperate planet in a prime location. None other is as beautiful as she. We have lived here from her very beginning in a symbiotic relationship of souls; she gives us a home and we in return work hard to keep her healthy. This relationship is mirrored in your animal and fish worlds where a small species helps a larger species by cleaning it.  We serve her with pleasure, and it is an honour to have this relationship with her.

All planets carry life, and there is almost an infinite variety of life forms on a huge variety of planets. When you look out and say “life can not exist on the planet Saturn”, you mean “our bodies can not live on Saturn.” Saturn is a very populous planet, almost a mini-solar system with all those moons. You do not see the higher dimensions and miss seeing the life forms on other planets.

Back to Earth now. What’s happening today? What’s she doing? She’s thinking and making her own plans. She’s busy gathering information, a great deal of it from us, and considering how best to act. How fast does a planet act? How fast do you act when your alarm has just gone off? Planetary time is far, far slower than human time.

How would you act if everything you did was monitored by the Earth, if she were scrutinising you and taking note of your actions towards herself? I would recommend that all your actions that affect this planet are taken with this in mind. She is a being of light, not a malevolent soul. Go forward in your lives in happiness that she is rejoining you in your journey.


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