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  • Candace Caddick

Mozart and Music

Mozart is considered an ascended master. He was born at a time when his ability to turn light into music was something new and different from the previous type of Western music. His music wasn’t always a success in his lifetime, but we still play and love it today because of the sweetness of the light.

Singers and actors connect to the composer or author and show you the energy of the work. The purpose of getting someone to perform the work is to give the piece itself life, as it is lifeless until someone picks it up and gives it sound. And then it is beautiful, so much more than it ever appeared to be on a piece of paper.  Energy, the composer, the singers all have their part to play to deliver it to you. The purpose of the music is to be surrounded by the sound as you sit in a live production. The recorded music is a memory and an invitation to go to a live performance. The quality of energy is simply not there. (This paragraph by Mozart.)

We know that there are singers and actors out there who tap into the energy of a piece that is not light. This requires strength to perform successfully, come away and return to self. If you are a performer and have doubts about performing a piece then it would be better to pass it by. Meditation allows you to know yourself and gives you a place to return to after a performance, and allows you to perform from a position of strength. (This paragraph by Archangel Melchizadek.)

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