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New Book! After We Die

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

Last year I was asked to write a new book by the angels I work with. Archangel Azreal, the Archangel of Death, said “It’s time for this book to be written, and it has to be done before people start dying in noticeable numbers.” Azreal wrote this book to reduce the fear around dying, whilst recognizing we will still grieve when our loved ones die. When the energy changed on 1 September one of the effects was to assist those in dying who had reached the end of their time here, but did not leave. People are born with a plan, and in theory they are happy to leave when the plan has been completed. Lately, for the last few thousand years, people have felt unsure of what is on the other side of death, and are not always sure how to die in the calm and peaceful way they once did. Fear has built up as a consequence of this forgetting and the fear of dying forms the base layer for a number of other fears laid on top in an ever thicker layers until our energetic environment on Earth is mainly fear, where only a few rays of light break through the darkness. People have forgotten why they were here at all, and couldn’t remember their relationship to other people, other life forms, the planet and their Creator.

This book is therefore about why we are here, and what happens when we are on the other side. It also contains a technique for balancing ourselves so, that as our energy balances, it ripples out to balance others and the planet. It talks about what happens after the greater human soul goes up a level, or ascends, and joins with the Earth and the many life forms living here as part of a magnificent soul of light. Azreal talks about gender fluidity as a necessity before rejoining the rest of the universe, as our young people lead the way in breaking down gender divisions.

Last weekend I went to a Reiki event where 15% of the registrants had to cancel at the last minute due to sudden bereavements. This had never happened to them before. Death is part of life; we are always alive, and sometimes we have a body.

The book, After We Die, is available from me here:

Also from online retailers and on Amazon Kindle.

©Candace Caddick


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