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Stepping Through the Looking Glass

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

Stepping Through the Looking Glass: Life on the Other Side

Over the last three years I’ve been writing my fifth channelled book “Stepping Through the Looking Glass”. It’s become so that the Archangels are old friends now, with different voices and different ways of expressing themselves. I write down their words, and their message is often the same: don’t worry, you are loved, look after the planet. I feel that this message is so important that I need to share it, that worry and lack of love affect 99.9% of the population on Earth. What affects one person affects us all, it creates the environment in which we all live. The books explain our true world in such a clear way! They are books about hope and looking forward to a bright, bright future.

Stepping Through the Looking Glass” is very interesting, with parallels between our time now and ancient Egypt, concentrating on the impact the Atlantean survivors had on life there. There are chapters on magic, and how incredible feats are possible even today when you understand your place in the web of life.  The biggest difference to affect all of us since 2012 is the change in Death, how humanity has re-designed the afterlife to help us in physical life. Our greater human soul has drawn a line and those who are having trouble learning how to treat everyone with love will not be reincarnating. The laws of Karma, so useful for slowing everyone down, have been discarded. Spontaneity and speed are the news laws of rebirth. More help is on the way, as following the waves of Indigo Children and others in the past, being born right now are the Peacekeepers and the new Masters to teach of love. The world of today will not be the world of the future.

The Earth is plugged back in to the universe and is being filled with energy, where before we were running on almost the memory of that energy. It’s the beginning of a new future and advice and guidance are offered here help us understand. The Looking Glass is showing us life on the other side, where our real  world is magical and death helps humanity towards ascension, hope is here for all of us. Why would I not want to write books like these, they’re all so important!

©Candace Caddick


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