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  • Candace Caddick

Ocean Healing or Earth Healing?

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

The Ocean Healing day on the 11th of August was to bring together two separate species that otherwise never cross paths on Earth. The sea people had a fun day out, a day of holiday where they were able to gaze upon the people and beach. It was novel for them just to spend time with others and to come closer together. There was instruction on the life of the watery world, and how it is mirrored in the dry world. The bottom of the oceans resembles the primordial soup of life, and the top one-third is similar to your deserts. The life of the birds in your rainforests is like the swiftly swimming fish deep under the surface. By holding the energy of the day the healing group allowed certain changes to take place.

First was the realisation that every molecule of water was alive and conscious as a product of the Creator, as was every green cell inside the seaweed. The moving water was a large area of potential health and flow, of waves where nothing stands still. Watching the water it seemed to grow and rise up over the coastline and clean the land. How far back? I didn’t know.

The world is changing and one of the changes will be more water in the oceans, and it looked quite high for a while. The unity of the wet and dry Earth showed that it was not two separate existences but one world, and also the dying oceans are a problem that we can not escape. I wondered if the melting ice caps could bring about this much rise in the oceans.

After a while we had a picnic lunch while they began to form a circle in the water. The circle got bigger until they were moving through us, and later were circling behind us. I could hear their singing as they held hands and created the energy for their own project. When they had sung and circled enough, their work for the day was over.

We drove over to Cissbury Ring and watched and felt the energy lighten over the spring underneath. Although it had not completely cleared the process had been set in motion. Cissbury Ring is a large hill of man-made fortification from the distant past, and it was built over a spring of hope.

A word from the sea people:

“We came to take a good look at you and instruct you in the basic facts of life on a living planet. We were pleased to see so many on the beach, as people (many unknowing) came to spend the sunny day by the sea. All present that day will have been changed by choice, by choosing to be present and learn.

Our circle of magic and chanting was to change the energy of West Sussex and ripple out to the rest of the world. We are watching today and the ripple has flowed past London and all that is happening there now on the last day of your Olympics. Within three weeks it will have circled the world. Our chanting was a way of changing the way the air vibrates, and you now live in and breathe the air we have altered. We serve the Earth and we conceived of this plan to lift the vibration, to make it harder to live in a selfish way. Changing the energy of the air is very similar to changing the energy of water as you live at the bottom of a sea of air.  Lightening the air will cause it to detox and the toxins will drop to the ground. The ground is the Earth itself and we will protect her by cleaning her with waves and rain.

We said to Candace “do not buy a house on the coastline.”

All will change now and we have played our part. We live in the higher dimensions deep in the oceans, and we will not need to meet again.  We enjoyed seeing you and the sunlight on the waves where it sparkled and shone, and the sun was bright! We live in a darker world where the sun is above layers of water, but we are happy there. When the Earth changes we will be gone. Goodbye.”

They looked a bit like a dome with a lot of hair drifting far away from their bodies. Candace

One of the members of the Earth healing group that came said she just wanted to be where she could actively do something for the Earth. That’s a good description of what happens on the day, and I think it’s also important that we are enjoying ourselves as joy = light.


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