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  • Candace Caddick

Olympic energy

By the Archangel Uriel, Archangel of the Earth

We are pleased beyond our expectations in the amount of energy created by the people of the hosting country and city. Take for example those athletes that talk about the “extra man” on the team from the effect of the cheering home crowd. What exactly is happening there?

In the athletics stadium every person that watches and hopes is creating some energy to lend to the athlete. That energy was created out of the emotions of the people’s hearts and created a warm, energetic opportunity for that person to be the best. Many have been helped by this and it has helped carry them forward. They are the ones who finish their races, etc, and don’t run out of energy but keep going, and they are overwhelmed by emotion.  Afterwards the energy so created doesn’t dissipate instantly; that goes against the laws of physics. It slowly dissipates over time.  The entire UK has been hosting events on the roads and lakes, and in the football stadiums from Wales to Scotland.

The last Olympic article talked about the Earth needing energy right now to be reborn, and in the last week she began her task. She has started in the UK and it’s a beautiful sight. To quote one who has been watching this take place, it’s “life.” It is life and vibrancy that piggybacks on the energy of the Olympics. Because you do not see the higher dimensions you are missing one of the biggest events that ever takes place in the greater universe: the old planet burning away leaving a fresh new planet to come up from underneath.

Many of your esoteric teachers have speculated that this will all happen on one day in December, but that would be extreme. No one ever intended it all to happen at once, it was always going to be this way. By December the process will be close to finishing. Some of you are now living on top of the new Earth, and you are living on a newly energetic planet. The old Earth is burning away in places and where she is new the energy is fresh, wholesome and healthy. You can’t make time stand still or hold back change.

I wrote that rebirth was too much to happen all at once, starting in Planet Earth Today and carrying on into the other books, and yet I didn’t fully understand. Last week I noticed my cat glued to the window for days watching again so I looked and saw flames with eyes. She saw Life.  Candace


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