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  • Candace Caddick

Portals To Earth

This article is part three following on from and

By the Archangel Melchizadek

It seems appropriate to mention here another type of portal, those that lead you into another dimension. These are fewer in number and they are scattered widely across the Earth’s surface. These are truly doorways, and allow higher dimensional beings to enter your planet’s energy fields. The portals are created by whomever wishes to use them.

In the distant past portals were not present on Earth, and humanity lived and learned in a game played on a shielded planet, but this ceased to be the case when the shield was damaged. Living experiences vary from planet to planet, and sometimes there can be a lot of coming and going of off-planet beings, but it is part of the original blueprint for those planetary games. In this game humanity opted for a sealed planet with no outsiders. You chose not to see the higher dimensions, and did not wish any interference from any beings you could not sense or see.

Going back to our books Planet Earth Today and The Downfall of Atlantis (see and ) where we wrote about the original plans for humanity on Earth, we mentioned the flaws in the contract between humanity and Earth. This created energy around the planet that was not cohesive, containing many weak points, and this allowed portals to be slipped through the dimensions without being discovered. They have been a source of great harm to you. To counteract, some portals also go to benign dimensions, but the majority lead to dimensions of darkness.

From time to time these dark ones have been closed down but their makers always find a way to reopen many of them, usually at the spot where the old portals were the most robust. Antarctica is the largest of the dark portals, S. Africa, the eastern Alps, Ukraine, Middle East, southern tip of India, NW China, the sea in the centre of the Indonesian islands, Peru, and New York City spreading west through Ohio are many of these. The portals of light are situated over NW Europe, Egypt, NW India, S China and SE Asian countries, Amazon basin, Northern Mexico, and a damaged one at Athabasca River, Canada. All of these portals are many miles across. (These are the ones I can see right now. Please don’t take this as a complete list, but these are many of the largest portals. Candace)

The effect of these portals has been to allow interference in your game here. Your progress has been delayed and your growth stunted, and it’s made it harder for you to reach ascension as a soul group and live with love. There is one way you can neutralise any portal to a dark dimension and that is to support each other every time you see anyone act from love. Be more vocal, sing their praises, repeat the good news and stories about love and kindness. A large number of you open minor portals straight into your homes through your TV’s with murders and acts of violence in entertainment and news. Many of you know this already – think of TV, computer or smart ,phone as an open window where whatever you watch streams straight into your presence. It changes you as you watch, each time you watch. Portals to the dark dimensions do not harm those who armour themselves in love.

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