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  • Candace Caddick

Preparations for December 2012

Titania – looking like a swirl of sparkling lights

Fairies are elemental folk of woodland and heath, and wherever plants grow and live. We exist alongside animals but they are not our major concern, we fit them into our picture of life without needing to look after them. They have their own purposes.

Our joy and privilege is to “be the other half” of the growing plants. Their variety, their ability to grow in obscure niches, their sweet natures, we adore them and do everything we can for them while they are rooted in one place. We step inside them and are gone, hiding from you as you walk by, only to pop out and be their partners when you have moved on. This is our life.

Now imagine each of those growing plants, from the largest to the smallest as tiny extensions of the Earth itself. How does she gather information? She knows when the breeze ruffles a field of grass, and she is waiting and watching, relearning everything about herself as this year begins. The information goes in and is combined, sorted, analysed and comprehended, the same way you use your brains. This is the final year of her old self, and when the sun rises on the morning of Dec 21st, 2012 she has the means and opportunity to shed a skin like a chrysalis butterfly. Her skin is layers of energy and it’s time to release those that no longer serve her.

The result of this will be good for her and good for all of us, you included. Do you see that if you can also release all that no longer serves you, that you will be in synch with her? You have all year to practice letting go, going with the flow, cleaning out your lives, and releasing old patterns. We are talking about an energetic change to the Earth, but change to your three-dimensional lives will surely follow.

Adieu, and think about what you are doing this year.


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