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  • Candace Caddick

Serious Rewiring for Humanity

By the First Elohim

The cracks in the shell around the Earth allowed her to send up antennas to connect to the universe. With her feelers extended she began to be rewired and slot into place, drawing information and energy into all parts of her body. Previously she drew energy only through a few stone circles, but with the covering gone she is open once again and in contact. There are ley lines on the Earth, and ley lines channelling energy in the universe. As you have marked your lines with pine trees and stones, the universe marks it’s lines with planets and stars. It has been as if the Earth was absent until now, and she is not the only planet who was veiled energetically.

While the Earth is busy reconnecting, you are also busy rewiring as individuals, and this is why many of you light workers have been feeling tired of late. You also send out antennas, and some of you send out more than others. The healers among you who have been practising for years are ready and have been working hard in your sleep constructing these antennas. Other people may have sent up only one or two, because that is all the energy they can handle.  By sending up your own antennas you are plugging in to the ley lines of the universe on your own behalf. You are availing yourselves of the energy and knowledge that exists out there.

Everyone is changed by either the Earth changing, or by accelerating the rate of change for themselves. With all the connectors being opened up again the Earth is humming with energy. All antennas are built by the Earth and yourselves with the help of angels.  It’s the right time for this to be happening now on Earth. Some people are doing everything in their power to participate and connect themselves, and others are declining. Those who did not choose to come to the new Earth can see this happening on one level, but they are not participating. If you are growing hundreds of new antennas you need as much sleep as you can get up until the middle of March.


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