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  • Candace Caddick

Steps Towards Ascension

By the Archangel Michael

I am Archangel Michael, Archangel of the Earth. I have been channelling workshops through to help people understand the former uses of the stone circles, so they can be healed and draw closer to their own ascension. The sites of Stonehenge, Woodhenge and Avebury are energy centres, each with a separate function. The people I shepherd through the process of learning and understanding at these sites walk away with veils removed from their eyes.

But what about those in far-off countries? They will find that the energy that flows around and between people is changed, so that they are living in a world changing through the activities of those who are advancing themselves. This is the way humanity changes; by some going first and learning, others following in their footsteps, and finally those who can’t help but follow and change. They will find they change to fit the new energetic environment. This is the reason why every Reiki or healing self-treatment has value, and every healing experience adds healing to your world. What would bring humanity more quickly to ascension is for more people to practice more healing.

I have a small group, a very few who are attending my workshops and evolving. They will change your world and over the next few hundred years everyone will evolve to where these people are today, and it will become the norm. I’m willing to teach any that are willing to learn.

©Candace Caddick

Whilst running these workshops on behalf of Archangel Michael, I have found they have become ever more direct at drawing people along a pathway. Writing his meditations and using the stone circles as directed, I can see how he leads people into remembering who they really are – and that is a necessity for all who wish to ascend. The feedback from participants has been both encouraging and interesting. Please visit where there is a list of workshops and drop-down flyers to describe each one.


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