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  • Candace Caddick

Syria – sitting above the heart of darkness

By the Archangel Michael, angel of the Earth and the fiery sword

Many of you look at Syria now and think “What is going on there?” It’s just the latest in a long list of armed conflicts in the Middle East reaching back thousands of years.  Let’s look at just the energy of that part of the world, and forget about who started which conflict in the past and present.

The Middle East is part of the planet holding a great deal of tension as the continents slowly slide apart. I know, it seems irrelevant but it is one of the underlying features of this region. The major continents of Africa and Asia have been pulling apart and the land bridge between is trying to connect them together, and remain a land bridge. The Earth is sentient, trees are sentient, and parts of the land are far more conscious than the average human who only sees three dimensions. It’s not a slur against you, I am trying to explain. Also, never think that one part of God’s creation is anything less than perfect, and that includes all of you. So, first the very land under their feet is tense and touchy, and that vibration rises up through the feet and contributes to the personality of every person who lives and walks there. Do you ever consider a village or country laid-back? That is greatly due to the land under their feet. (How does your home/city/country make you feel? Tune into the ground below your feet and take note.)

The second aspect to the volatility of the Middle East is what lies below that area. The Middle East is like a dark pit eaten into the Earth, and the holographic skin on the surface is where the people live. This is the largest area of its kind on the planet, a little like a bed-sore where layers of the skin are eaten away by rot. She needs healing in all of these areas, and particularly this largest one. When humans live above one of these areas they are trying to maintain their own light and not succumb to the vibrations rising from below. You will find that those who willingly live there are some of the strongest people on the planet in their personal light and strength.

Going back to your recent history there were two great beings born in the Middle East, Jesus and Mohammed. They brought their own love and light with them to counteract the darkness of the area. Weaker men have given in at times and turned to violence, but that is not the example of these two men. The endless wars are driven by the lack of light in the soil itself, and they create more darkness that spreads outwards.

To help this area as an individual send healing to the planet itself to strengthen it, and be slow to act in violence. Remember to treat others the way you would like to be treated yourselves. This changes the energy in a larger way than you can realise as it is the opposite of killing and war, it is an expression of love.

©Candace Caddick


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