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  • Candace Caddick

The Dark Matter Between the Stars

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

Planet Earth Today

The first time I channelled this angel was for his section in my book “Planet Earth Today” ( ). This book gave the long history of Earth as a being of light. I did not want to allow Melchior to speak through me because I was afraid, but I trusted my gatekeeper, Melchizadek, who arranged it. I learned a lot from his words and wondered why he was being so helpful. Through him I learned that dark angels play the role they accepted at the beginning of this universe and their actions are motivated by service to the Creator. Candace

Melchior, Archangel of Darkness

I am impressed your scientists have now found traces of my existence in your universe. They have detected dark matter and the dark cold energy that exists between the stars. Of course there is dark energy, you live in a universe of duality and if your have the light of the stars, you also have the dark separating them.

The original effect of dark energy was to push the light together; my dark angels and I were sweeping the light out of our areas, and pushed it closer together. As it came closer together the stars were born of swirls of energy, followed by the planets. If we dark angels had not existed here you would have had one of those universes of light where shining particles flow endlessly without hindrance or stagnation, but with no stars or planets. I hate those universes.

If I can sway events my way, this universe will end quite soon in total stagnation. The planets will stop their spinning, the stars will darken, and all will slow to a halt. Cold and emptiness will be all there is. Then I will gift it all back to the One who created it, and life will begin again in a new series of universes. As much it is my role to stop all movement, I cannot stop the new life in a new universe.

Archangel Melchizadek – Melchior is also an instructor. I allow him to come through and speak because we angels each have our own lessons to teach. Mine is connection to God, and as we have said many times you will connect to God either through light or darkness, because in the end there is no where else to go.

©Candace Caddick


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