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  • Candace Caddick

The energy of winter

By the consciousness of Winter

“Winter is something that is not always understood or valued. I am the equivalent of your nights’ sleep for the plants, some animals and surface of the planet. They have three seasons to be awake and then they fall asleep for my time of year. Plants and soil need a respite too, a quiet time to simply rest and not be pushing out growth or supporting the growth in plants. Pushing and supporting take a great deal of energy, and these are living beings. Their rest period allows them to come back in the spring refreshed and ready to go again. It’s all about energy and how it is allocated. Humanity is affected by winter also, it encourages you to slow down and it urges you to play.

I am a benign consciousness; I lay a fluffy snow blanket down, turn down the lights and look after the world at my time of year. I could be a mother or nursery maid looking after those in my care, and I stay awake and see that no harm comes. When Spring comes knocking irresistibly at the bedroom door I open it to let in new light and energy and leave until it is my time again.  If you had no winter for rest you would not be living here on Earth, you would be on a planet where no one required sleep. It’s part of your integral programming to sleep at night, and during the winter.

Humans are so restless, please enjoy the opportunity to slow down for a season and play in the snow. Snow is made for playing, for cheerfulness, beauty and joy. It’s my gift. Winter has its own rhythm and charm, and is welcomed by life for the change of pace. Take advantage of the chance to slow down and rest once a year. The purpose of winter is to maintain life by allowing it to rest and sleep. “

We had four inches here last Saturday night, and I could hear all those snowflakes excitedly giggling in the middle of the night. It was water in a new form, and they were enjoying it en masse. By dawn the snowflakes were gently humming the same song and a few hours later were simply whispering “shh…” No cars went by, just people walking and laughing with sleds heading for the park on Sunday to enjoy the snow.

I asked Winter about the tropics, and he said “People understand the need to slow down in the tropics, they use heat to get them to rest in the day and their plants have a different, slower rhythm than temperate plants.” I could see that his restful energy was present in the tropics, but more like a daily pulse than a seasonal one.


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