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  • Candace Caddick

The Golden City of Atlantis – Under London?

The Downfall of Atlantis

How many of you have travelled by train out of London and been depressed by the sheer dreariness of it all?  Look closely at what lies beneath the layers of modern city and you will see a golden city shining through.

The Guardian of London

“I am the guardian of London, a city ancient beyond your wildest imaginings. Once upon a time there was a beautiful, fruitful island, which was a distant part of an archipelago. Britain was considered a backwater of the sophisticated Atlantean system, an island of orchards and farmland. Comparatively rustic and rainy, it served as a supplier of food to the larger islands where the central cities were situated. It was lightly populated and, like Ireland, did not vanish with the rest of Atlantis. Why not? These two northern islands were not part of the cloning disasters and civil wars that tore the Atlantean civilisation apart. (Please see “The Downfall of Atlantis” for whole chapters on that sad story.)

The Golden City of Atlantis was the local capital and beautiful as all Atlantean cities were beautiful, with streams of running water in verdant gardens and white buildings of smooth stone. The light of universal energy is golden, and the location of this city on this remote island served to connect it to the Earth below and outward to the heavens. This was a special place, a transmitter to the universe of the voice of the Earth. The city was shaped with lower lying buildings on the outward edges building to a single, high pyramid of slender dimensions in the middle. This wasn’t a pyramid for grounding the energy of the universe, it was one for transmitting. The vast, sprawling city of London, England today sits on the site of the Golden City.

Why did no one know about London and why are we bringing through this information now? Times are changing so rapidly, and your rollercoaster ride has begun. By giving you this information now and bringing it from the misty past into your present consciousness we give you the power to uncover the city and make it ready for resuming its original function. It’s tied in with the great stone circles in Britain and Ireland, and will transmit because they are providing the energy. The city as it stands will begin to transmit broken signals. But the information it will transmit is stronger than your depressing buildings. This message is about letting go and allowing flow to take place, not trying to rebuild the present but looking for the next form of city. You can not stop the voice of the Earth being heard again in the heavens.

The events that are so close to you now include restarting the Earth’s engine and pumping her energy along the ley lines, followed by her shaking herself off like a wet dog. Yes, that vigorously. Don’t be frightened; be happy to be part of a return to the light, to wholeness and health. Give up attachment to temporary possessions, and remember that you are a soul with a physical body. Your soul is safe whether the body is dead or alive. And as spring follows winter, life follows death and the new life is lived on a planet of health and plenty. The good times will have returned and you will be a part of them.  (Pyramids, Earth’s engine, ley lines and stone circles are covered in “The Downfall of Atlantis”.)

The resumption of service to the stars will stress your current city, but it is the correct location for this transmitter city. The transmission is made up of an energetic blend of Earth and humanity and in the past this was understood. The benefits of living in the flow of universal energy were known to be so desirable that the people were devoted to maintaining the structure and forms necessary. This is why this island was not destroyed with the others, and why the cloning and civil wars never took hold. Those great evils were unable to get a foothold in Britain.

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