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  • Candace Caddick

The Spinning Planet

Archangels Melchizadek, Uriel and Esmariel

The Archangels have been excited about writing this article; they’ve been building up to it over time. It’s always about the energy, and energy is everything.

A new plan is being woven by the Earth; she weaves it out of thoughts, ideas, beliefs, colours and songs. She takes scraps from a rag-bag and picks the ones she wants to take forward and lets the others go, making a new physical planet out of the energy of what is available. This is where you come in as creators of the thoughts she can access. You are all powerful enough to think, and your thoughts float away from you and almost have a life of their own. They can combine with similar thoughts and create a great consensus and physical action. A good example of this is the American Revolution over two hundred years ago. Thought led to actions that changed the world for the better at that time.

Your thoughts spin away from you in threads and are picked up by the Earth – who can choose to weave them into her future and your future. She has a lot of black and grey to work with, and we would like to see a diversity of thoughts. Bright and happy thoughts carry a completely different vibration and colour and allow her to pull these into a brighter future. You’ve had a fear-filled start to this millennium where there have been wars and terrorism followed by economic insecurity. These events made it hard to be positive, we know. We want you to look at your own lives, are you hungry or homeless, or are you being fed and sheltered? Did all the bad things you fear come to pass? Starting with the computers ruining the world in the millennium bug scare, you’ve had one thing after another trotted out before you to make you worry and generate sad and fearful thoughts.

So today we want to mention some positive things for you to look forward to, so that you can think some happy thoughts and change your future for the better. The Earth is awake and preparing to resume her role as “mother” and take charge again.  (articles on Earth waking up see, There is nothing else that can have as big an effect on your lives as this. There are strong beginnings of renewal of two-way communication with her, with more and more respect for the planet and more healing groups. There is a groundswell of consensus to protect the planet, especially among younger people. There is acknowledgement of planetary support, planetary generosity and (incredibly after all this time) the dawning realisation that you need to care for her if you’re going to have anywhere to live. This is an about-face on old attitudes.

Once there were only a few torchbearers in Greenpeace or Friends of the Earth, and now there are a great many that are changing their ways of looking at how they live. Clean air, clean water, clean soil are all moving up in people’s consciousness and attitudes are changing. We can see the change in energy from our perspective, and you are moving away from a position of uncaring. Concentrate on the good things that are happening and more will happen in your world that is light.  It’s time to be happy everyone.


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