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  • Candace Caddick

Three-Dimensional People

By the Archangel of Light

The old Earth is gone now and everyone is living on the New Earth together, but there is one big difference. Last April about 47% of the planet’s population chose light and to go forward; they began a journey towards living on the New Earth. It’s been quite a ride so far, and is going to accelerate more and more quickly over the next three years or so.  The “or so” is added because this is a big period of adjustment from the old to the new, and it will happen at different speeds in different lives. The ability to move forward and create a new future for yourself will depend on exactly where you are starting from right now. Some of you may make decisions that speed you up, or slow you down. You may live in a part of the world that will have more turmoil and it takes longer to recreate the society in a model where everyone is happy. People create their own futures and may go off at a tangent and be slower or quicker.

(By Candace) My guides kept telling me that I had to be sure to be anchored on the New Earth by taking the steps I needed to take in 2012. Now I can see that I appear to be wearing little lead boots along with many other people, and those 53% who did not choose to come into the future are not weighted down, and appear to be floating off in the light rising upwards from the Earth. Over time they will float away and be gone. They will continue to deny that anything has changed, and their actions will become increasing irrelevant. We appear to be living happy and constructive lives on the planet below, while there is a lot of hot air up above us – and then they are gone. These people are not grounded and the decisions they make will not be sensible for the New Earth. The decisions will be hard for them to support without energy behind them. Don’t do anything illegal, but work to change the laws so they support justice.

These are the 3-D people, the ones who live next to you who have no energy. You can see them, but you can’t feel their auras. When someone silently comes into a room and you turn to see who is there, you felt them enter. There’s nothing left to feel with these people, and the amount of energy they have to pursue their plans is zero.

How long will they be with us? If one of them was your child or spouse would you be in a hurry to see them go? Some people will realise what has happened and die a bit younger, others will live out a full life span. Most of the people on the New Earth right now are the youngest ones, children and young adults. There are those who are in their 90’s who joined the roller coaster to light, but as a percentage there are far fewer middle-aged and older people. One day all of these ungrounded people will have passed away and only those who chose light will be left on Earth. It will happen in the time it takes to happen, it appears very fast to angels but we expect it to occur in Earthly life spans. The main point is to make your own lives from this moment, and to let others posture and make short-term decrees.

Your future has begun.


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