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  • Candace Caddick

Time and Its Many Layers – part one

First Elohim (the granddaddy of all the Elohim angels)

Time is tricky to comprehend. In the greater Universe there is no time, it is a meaningless concept as the Universe exists without time. How long does it take an angel to cross the Universe? No time at all, so we can be everywhere at once if we choose. Usually we choose to be certain places doing certain things rather than blanketing the Universe with our presence. We can also see a sequence of events that are cause and effect; therefore some events predate others on planets and have a knock-on effect, but not in the wider Universe. The wider Universe just is.

Timelessness is a state of now, so the largest unit of time in your Universe is not the past or the future, but the present. The present exists and expands to fill every nook and cranny of time and the rest is not there. The past is gone and the future has not arrived. It never will, it will always be the moment you are living in, which is now.

Earth time is linear, so you are living in a prearranged set of circumstances which includes living in linear time.  Think of the timelessness of the greater Universe which is the setting for Earth, and now think how you are running on local Earth time. What is going to have to happen before the Earth can ascend and rejoin all the other life in the Universe? She will have to stop using local linear time, and become timeless to fit back in.

Steps have been taken to shake up the strict timeline you live on. Some of you will notice more and more often that time seems to have some variations now, perhaps having a bit of swirl or speeding up or slowing down. This is how the planet is loosening the grip time has on it, and starting to signal the end of a long era, of the long time humanity has lived here. This is a good thing, as it really is time to move on.

(There is a lot more about time and the steps taken to shake it up in The Downfall of Atlantis.)

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