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  • Candace Caddick

Time and Its Many Layers – part three

First Elohim

The time was when you knew that you were connected to a timeless universe. You knew who you were and what your role was in relation to others in the whole of creation. Nothing exists in isolation, and you exist as a piece of a greater picture. The farthest star in the universe exists in relation to you because you are all part of the same universe, as it was created by the Creator.

When the human soul chooses a course of action, and takes steps in any direction, all of the life in the whole universe, galaxy after galaxy, has its environment altered – energetically. There are qualities and levels of energy, so we don’t care where you step, just how you stepped.

But the other side of the universe is so far away, how can anything that happens here have an effect there? A change in energy is now; it’s timeless and therefore instantaneous. So if you decide that you will take steps to clean your environment and respect all other life on the planet, including the planet itself you will raise the energy here and everywhere else in the universe. Raising the energy is more enjoyable than lowering it if you have to live through it. If you think about your soul on one planet is a little like one cell in an organ in your body perhaps you can see how the health of that cell affects the overall health of the body.

How can one person have an affect on the planet and the universe? Living with love and joy will affect everyone across the universe.

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