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  • Candace Caddick

Time and Its Many Layers – part two

First Elohim

The last time I spoke about the relationship of the Earth to the Universe and how linear time would need to be released before the planet ascends. This is not a problem for the planet, as she could release time in an instant. We look at the human race and see that there is a long way to go before you can give up your artificial concept of linear time; linear time that is meaningless on all planets except this one.

For now you may practice releasing the future and all its worries, releasing the past and all its mistakes, and the present itself. All gone, and what is left? Suddenly there is only you, the real you as you exist without the burden and worry of time. This is the closest some of you will ever get while you are alive to meeting your real self, your inner soul; the part of you that lives beyond your lifetimes.

What is the point of releasing time in this way, in a temporary fashion? One big part is the joy at meeting yourself without being partially hidden behind the veils of time, and joy is a valuable destination in itself. Another part is that you weaken the misconception of time in your life by letting it go. Linear time is false, and when you finally see the truth of no-time it is empowering, as the truth always empowers. You won’t feel so small and insignificant, like an autumnal leaf blowing on the wind.

You have the challenge of living through days and seasons knowing that you are caught up in linear time, and for some of you stepping sideways into the timeless truth of the Universe.

I’ve done this many times, and found it easy to walk in other times and places while leaving my body behind. One day a year ago while visiting Fountains Abbey ruins in Yorkshire I wished to see what it was like there without time. I found myself being jostled by all the monks who had lived there over the centuries, all walking the paths with me at once. This was fairly uncomfortable (too many people!) but also so alien to the way we are used to seeing our surroundings. We weren’t brought up to live without time and it’s not an easy concept. When we hear anecdotal stories about walking into villages from the past that are there one day and gone the next (as happened to a friend of mine on a Devon coastal walk), the villages are of course there in their own time. They are still there as all time is now, and we can still step into them.      Candace

Again, there is more written about time in the book Downfall of Atlantis.

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