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  • Candace Caddick

Time’s Over for Baby Steps into the Future

By the Archangel Melchizadek

There was a time, about forty years ago, when humanity could have made changes to the way they used the Earth’s gifts, making a gentle curve to restore the balance between people and planet. No significant steps were taken at that time. Those who campaigned for change were ignored.

Today it is no longer possible to create enough change, fast enough, by taking baby steps. You are faced with the challenge of taking the largest steps possible each time you move forward, like a playground game from your childhood. Step one is Covid-19, and your challenge is to use this step to create an altered balance with the planet. How much change can you incorporate? How much back-sliding can you avoid? Use every gain from the lockdown to alter pollution and the misuse of the planet.

Step two is coming this summer, a major event, and you will want to have made a start towards the future by using the virus to consolidate some positive changes into your lives. Step three looks like it will arrive mid-October or early November. Then the big step four will be in spring 2021.  In between there looks to be one event after another. Currently there are race riots that were not happening before the lockdown.

Baby steps would have made a gentle curve, but there is nothing gentle about these giant steps forming a curve in a very short space of time, to change the direction humanity is heading in. Its going to be harder and wilder. In your own life consolidate the changes from the lockdown so you don’t slide back. Have you been walking everywhere and not using fossil fuels to get around? Keep walking or bicycling! Grow some food so there are fewer air miles on your vegetables. Work from home when you can so you are not commuting and polluting. Don’t let your gains slide away through inattention or laziness. Fit your life to your planet, then as each change happens you are at the exact right place to step around another corner and build more change into your lives. Your lives will change now, its no longer an option for any of you.

©Candace Caddick


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