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Timelines Divide in March

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

By Archangel Uriel, Archangel of the Earth

The moment you’ve been looking forward to is almost here, the day when the new Earth pulls itself free of the old Earth. What does that mean for Earth, and for you?

And I Saw a New Earth

In Dec. 2012, the Earth was reborn into a new 26,000-year-long cycle of life. She was over-laid on the old Earth and has been slowly moving apart for the last two years. Many of you may have been tired lately due to the increase in energy, as Earth raises her vibration to break free. It’s as if the new Earth is blasting off to escape the gravity of old Earth, just like a space shot at Cape Canaveral.

Another way to visualize this separation is to think of a human embryo at the point where it is dividing to become twins. First there was a simple ball, it becomes two halves with a line down the centre, and in the end it divides and two embryos exist side by side. The new Earth will move forward and the old Earth will remain stationary.

This will affect you in two different ways. Those of you on the new Earth will live in a world of colour, animals and vibrant life. Those who did not choose to come over will live on an Earth that is increasingly black and white, quiet and empty, but they will not notice. If some of you are looking at colourful fireworks in the sky on the new Earth, the few that are old Earth would see nothing if they looked up. But they won’t look up. C.S. Lewis illustrates this perfectly in The Last Battle with the behaviour of the black dwarfs.

I wrote the following explanation in And I Saw A New Earth in 2012: “You are embarking on years of differentiation, where some of you walk steadily uphill on an easy path towards the light, while others plod along below never realizing that everything has changed….one day in the future there will only be people walking gently on an uphill path and the road below will no longer exist.”

This is a follow-on to If you want to change comfortably, be sure to practice your Reiki, meditation, or other self-healing daily. You are going to be changing rapidly every day right now.

In my latest book (almost complete!), the Archangels go into a thorough explanation of how this split will affect a person’s soul after death. It is too long an explanation for one of these articles.

©Candace Caddick

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