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  • Candace Caddick

Transformation before ascension

Archangel Esmariel

Transformation is an irresistible force, and is another word for change and growth. All things change and grow, but they do not have preset directions. You may understand that the planet is on her way to ascension, and it is her intention to ascend at the right time.  There is no guarantee that this will happen. We wrote last week about becoming one with all life on this planet, and it includes having goals that are the same as other species and working together with them. As long as humanity is divorced from the rest of life there is doubt introduced regarding successful ascension.

There is an overwhelming majority of humans who don’t know or care if the planet ever ascends. A few care and work as torch-bearers leading the way for others to follow. What would humanity have to gain by joining in and working with the planet and the other life here? How about happiness for all, sense of purpose in being alive, integration and end of loneliness? Many would love to have this as their daily lives, but people really don’t know anything about any of this. You are starting your journey from down in a hole. You don’t know you could be one soul group together if you wished to be, or one with the other lives here, animal, plant, insect, etc. So we look and we see a writhing mess of unhappiness and loneliness. Many people just exist without any function besides eating, sleeping and staying alive.  Their lives are grey with unhappiness.

It’s a new spring with new opportunities, new growth and new life. This channel already knows how to be one with all life and this planet, and there are one or two others out there who also know how to do this. It’s possible to live like this now and not wait for some distant day. In fact we are really hoping some of you will take these steps now and change the overall energy of humanity. Transformation is my essence, it’s what I do and I work with all those who ask for my help. Don’t forget that I’m here; when you are ready to change you will be entering the flow of light.


It’s easiest to take on one outside consciousness at a time. You don’t need to be in a hurry.


P.S. This is the hard part about giving over my space to archangels for writing their messages. Am I supposed to say “I can help you do this?” then teach others how to become one with all of life, or just post what they write? (I asked them, and they said there are some out there that are ready to learn, so I guess this article is aimed at you.)

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