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  • Candace Caddick

Tree Lore

Archangelic collective

In previous blog posts we mentioned that the trees brought information from the Earth to the surface through their roots and shared it with the other plants and animals. What is this information, and what are they all talking about? (Not so much in the winter, but in the wakeful months.)

If you lay your hand on someone else, or on your pet at home you can tell a lot from what you feel there. Tree roots will be sensing the moods and energy flows below the surface, and monitoring the health of that part of the Earth. Their ability to communicate with each other through their single tree consciousness allows them to share their information instantaneously so that all trees have the same information at the same time. It doesn’t matter what the tree looks like, whether it is an evergreen or deciduous, they are all trees and share one consciousness. Once they have surveyed the Earth they can communicate what they know to all other life forms, and these will then do what they can to help stabilise her. All life forms are somewhat different, and help in various ways as in the tapestry idea of the previous blog. It is extremely complex, and involves a massive amount of co-operation.

The Earth is the only topic of importance to the other life forms, for she is not only family, but the family member who is providing a home for them. They love her and concern themselves with her completely. When they are working with her and for her they are learning about themselves and the other life forms, they are all living purposeful lives and are basically happy. Because you are not hearing this information or co-operating with the rest of nature or the planet, you have devised lives based on trifles of little importance. Far too many people live lives without purpose, keeping busy every day but accomplishing little of true worth. Your own lives out of balance create a wave of imbalance that the planet lives with as part of herself, and the others living here have to work so much harder to keep her upright.


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