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  • Candace Caddick

Trees Waiting For the Next Step

By the Tree Consciousness

Last year I wrote about trees listening and waiting with their attention focused on the sky in . I’ve been visiting some of my favourite old trees and tuning in to them. Usually at this time of year they are awake and happy to have a chat about life, the universe and everything.  They like to watch children play and be part of the world. Not this year; they are all focused on what is coming to Earth in Mid-May.

Trees:  We’ve been focused on the centre of the universe for over a year now watching for the flash of light that is coming. 2013 is a year when event after incredible event takes place on Earth, and the one we are waiting for is this big flash. The Earth is reborn as a fast-growing baby planet. She has changed on the inside and the outside will change also. She is generating the change from the inside out; it’s the life on the surface that will respond to her last. It really is as if we all lived on one planet, and another planet was slipped under our feet when we (and you) weren’t looking. She is incrementing change as fast as possible so she can move forward in the direction she intends to go. Think of it as a high-speed turn on two wheels, rather than slowing down, signalling and waiting for the light to change before moving off in your car.

We are beings that move so slowly you can’t see us walk or bend. Some of us have lived many times longer than your short human lifetimes, and we can see all the dimensions. This means we are able to watch what is happening around us, and see what is in the higher dimensions at the same time. This flash of light is higher dimensional, and when it comes and wraps around the surface of the Earth then the outside will change quickly to match the inside. We are so excited about this nourishment in the form of light – and you know how plants love the sunlight.

For humanity, if you are someone who desires light and change, it’s on its way. If you have something to hide it will be exposed. If you live a life that you know right now needs to change, implement changes as quickly as you can. Once this flash of light hits, everything will accelerate yet again.

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