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  • Candace Caddick

Using Meditation to Find Your Heart

By the Archangel of Light

The human mind is a busy place and rarely, if ever, still. The effect of this is to take your attention to your head and your thoughts, and some of you are out of body and far above your heads, while others have a tenuous connection at best. The many thoughts rise up like a helium balloon, looking a lot like those thought bubbles you see in cartoons, only far larger. At those times you are not present in your bodies, but you could learn to be.

The purpose of meditation, no matter which form of meditation you practise, is to quiet the mind and allow yourself to reconnect to your hearts. The mental, emotional and spiritual bodies sink towards your physical self as you learn to let thoughts go, and you achieve a mind where thoughts do not stick. A sticky mind is an obstacle to allowing your thoughts to flow, and flow is moving forward without effort. The opposite of flow, stagnation, is what we angels try to prevent.

When all your energy bodies occupy the same space in your physical body you are strong, and your legs walk forward supporting your body. You’re often walking around in weak bodies with no energy; it’s all above your head. We wrote before about humanity incarnating here without their hearts because they are tender and you were afraid of them being hurt. Many people live lives that are heartless and unfeeling, and it’s time to reconnect to your heart rather than your head. The head was meant to serve the heart, not the other way around. After a time you will find that you are focused through your heart more and more, and you will think and act in accordance with the love that resides there. You will feel life occurring through your hearts, not just analysing it with your brains. You will once again be living as a whole person and living the life you planned for yourself.


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