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  • Candace Caddick

Walking Through an Aurora Borealis

By the Archangel Melchizadek.

One week ago, the solar eclipse travelled across the USA. Today the energy from the eclipse remains on the Earth shimmering and moving like the Aurora Borealis. It rises from the planet and enters our homes and tries to enter our bodies, you can invite it in to upgrade to the Earth’s most recent vibration. It’s important to be in synch with the rising energy of the planet you live on. It's exhausting otherwise.

This moving and shimmering energy is dissolving barriers. Humanity has lived by making plans and setting goals, but as we walked towards them, we hit glass walls that stop us in our tracks. We turn and walk another way, trying to reach our goal and hit another glass wall. If you have ever wondered why you fail to achieve your desired goals, this rigid energy carries most of the blame. The new, flowing, gentle energy has arrived to dissolve these glass walls and remove them entirely from your Earthly experience. You can make plans and walk towards your goals unhindered by barriers. We cannot emphasize enough that you are now able to live in a new way. Many of you will feel cautious about this, or perhaps not believe us when we say you can walk forward unhindered.  We suggest filling yourselves with this energy and running a little experiment by planning something for yourself and setting it in motion, while believing all the time that everything is now different. Let it unfold before you as you progress your plan. The old barriers are no longer needed.

To answer Candace’s question to us of “what is the effect of this solar eclipse on the USA?”, we say the following: We recognize the level of mental confusion present in that country, and we see the eclipse energy as helping to clarify the current confusion. It will be easier to see what is true and what is false, and it will build over the coming months. This is a common attribute of high vibrational energy, making things clearer, and the shimmering energy is of a higher vibration than you have been used to on the planet. It’s important to keep up with the rising vibrations. Those of you who practice a healing modality like Reiki self-treatments will adjust the easiest.

This is how the energy is going to be from now on, it’s changed from rigid to flowing. Where are you holding rigidity in your lives? Leave inflexibility behind and move forward. Now more than ever, you will find holding onto anything, or any ideas from the past that are rigid and useless will be like tying a stone around your ankle and trying to swim.

©Candace Caddick

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