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  • Candace Caddick

Watching the trees as healers

One of the nice things trees do for us is to heal when asked for help. I’m fortunate enough to have a number of big trees around my house; oaks, beeches, Scots pines, chestnut and other lovelies. I have a  favourite place near a pine straight like an arrow close to the sweet chestnut, and standing in-between them allows a perfect blend of tree energy. They have the ability to clear us off and remove negativity of whatever description; emotional, thought forms, entities and their negative energy.  Way back when people lived under the trees and there were fewer of us, we would have been safer, and clearer.

Yesterday I sent my daughter out there because she was in a process of being helped by a local healer to release some old hurts. I could see the two trees (invisible) branches grabbing and dragging old emotional junk from her higher dimensional body. All her sticky old pain from schooldays is being let go now, and they are clearing her daily so that she is free to release some more.

Sunday I visited one of my all-time favourite trees in the garden of Chartwell, Winston Churchill’s home. There’s a Japanese Cyprus (planted 1832) that is the tree-in-chief there, beautiful and intelligent.  Some of you have seen the red of the Christ light for humans, and this tree shows that same light in blue for the trees. After a chat about what’s coming up – “get ready for the big change” – he told me to “pull myself together and focus.” Doing that made me aware of how out there I can be when I’m channelling, and how much easier it all is when I draw myself back in. I’ve been practising since, and I’ll need to keep on practising.


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