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  • Candace Caddick

One Day the Earth Will End with a Smile and a Hug

By the Archangel Melchizadek

The aurora borealis seen over the northern hemisphere is here to mark the date. It’s celebratory energy, the fireworks going up, to mark the shift into the new age of the Earth and mankind.  The changes have now taken place, they just need to settle and feed through into the population on the planet. You will begin to notice all kinds of changes - too many to mention. Why not keep a list of everything you see? Eyes will be opening wide, and the veils will drop. Followers will turn away from false gods, and people will come together, no longer seeing their differences as worthy of keeping them apart. Love will be valued more than wealth or power, which will be seen as false coin, worthless.

You are being helped by a Universe of love, by a Creator who loves us all, by whoever you acknowledge when you think of a higher being. There is no longer any need for the continuance of war, there is nothing left to be learned there. Without supporting energy, wars will struggle to continue. The small wars of everyday life will be harder to pursue, so let them go. When the changes feed through there will be more joy and less pain and distress. Go forward in your lives on a path that brings you joy, peace and harmony. Turn no one away from your life, seek out more and more people to include, make your circles wider and richer with humanity. One day the Earth will end with a smile and a hug, not a cry of fear and despair.

This energy is real, feel it now while you can, day or night. As the energy rises, rise with it, draw it in, look ahead and think about your own lives. Make choices to have the experiences that bring you joy. Right now, the energy is like a flowing river, you can make a plan, step into the river and be whisked forward to the future of your choosing. As 2024 progresses open your arms and hearts to everyone, friend or foe. To love others is to live in love and be surrounded by love, and that is the energy of the future on Earth.

©Candace Caddick


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